ThankYou For Breathing
Even when I taka a shit I'm dropping knowledge-Tablo

😊 I love the color I’m wearing today

Every time i take a shift at my city job,i immediately regret it the second i wake up.

I finished pretty much half a bottle of bacardi dragon berry yesterday by myself and today my right kidney area hurts. Don’t drink children it’s bad for you. I completely deserve what I’m going through right now 😢

My mom: I hate driving. But I’d Rather drive than let patti drive because I’ll lose my teeth and my life

😧😤 I personally think I’m a great driver

My tits were on point and i liked this outfit 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

First time playing sudoku:a trilogy. The mental agony breh!!


Im gonna rant ignore me

I have this thing about my parents giving me money now that I work like it irks me so much. I should be thankful I know. Which I am I’m extremely grateful for the thought but I still don’t want it .I don’t like people buying me things if I know the value of it some part of me just feels wrong. Idk if it’s pride? But like I don’t have money right now only enough -to the cent- for upcoming bills and that’s it. And it’s not like I need money either I mean I get paid soon and that’s all spending money cuz every bill is taken care of. My mom called and asked me to get a few groceries but I told her i don’t have enough to buy anything. And I see her 30 minutes later and she hands me money and I’m like wtf is this for? I never said I need it. And we damn near argued in front of everyone at the grocery store and she was dodging me from putting it back in her purse. But idk a part of me hurts to have to ask them for money(which is why I will drag myself and spend bill money if need be b4 asking them for a dime) cuz i know money is tight and I don’t need it. I’m perfectly okay. I can manage. It’ll be tight for a second but everything will pan out. I have everything I need I don’t want pocket change but they don’t get that. And it isn’t just with them I hate feeling like I owe someone something even if it’s just as a present which is why I’m constantly buying people shit cuz I’m trying to pay them back even though they’ve probably already forgotten about it and ugh I’m exhausted. Ok I’m done.
That would be pride right?

Jus sayin

Lunch and dessert 😍

Paid for my mommy to go get a massage, she is fucking in love but says mine are better ;) I’m feeling myself so hard right now

Me and terry fighting for alcohol. Michael always drinking alcohol and Jane pretending she has no affiliation. I present to you my unfortunate friends.

I just got a massive tip and now I can’t think straight

#super 24

As I spent $80 on cravings, I also decided I should totally get a new color so purple it is and idk how I feel about it..

I just spent $80 on candy, cake and lipstick…….

Ya girl got a dollar raise *insert celebratory dance gif*